Welcome to Planet Cinnamon!

Hello there! I'm CinnamonMuffins! You can just call me Cami, Muffin, Cin, Cinnamon, or anything along those lines. I prefer Cami, 'cause I've had that nickname for quite a while.
I reblog a lot of art, gaming stuff, photos, and silly things. I do a lot of talking, and that's under the #babblingcrustacean tag. I also have an art blog! The link is in the picture of Magolor above. Sometimes I reblog my art, and it's under the #Cami's Art tag. You can find my other blogs and a link to my deviantART in the picture as well.

I also have SKETCH COMMISSIONS open! Check those out if you're interested.

Here is my info for ACNL
Bloooop! New icon!

Bloooop! New icon!